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Creative workshop - arts & crafts


Flowers in "ONE STROKE ''

We are excited to invite you to our “One Stroke” painting master class. This technique “one stroke two paints” was developed by an American author and artist Donna Dewberry. It allows you very quickly and easily create beautiful works of art.

Come and try it yourself! Even though the technique was developed with a beginner in mind it is fully accessible to everyone. People who have never painted before find it just as enjoyable as people that have been painting for years. And once you get an idea you can use it for a variety of projects - anywhere from nail art to decorating your furniture.

The price for the master class is $30.00. (Angled paint brush is included in the price and is yours to take home after the class). Special price for children that are accompanying adults participating in the class is $15 (it does not include the brush).

Payment is due prior to the start of the class.

Available spots - 12

Duration of the class - 1 hour 30 minutes

For those with small children (5 years old and older) who would like to participate in the master class we are offering child care with board games and strategy game “Presidential Election” (cost $7 for the duration of the class).

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