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Russian as a second language




    When it comes to teaching Russian language to foreign students I have more than fifteen years of experience with students from all over the world.

    Teaching any language is a complicated task and you have to be properly equipped. When looking for a teacher you should ensure they have a proper professional education and proven success record. A teacher that is a native speaker of the language it is an added bonus.

   Working with beginners is an enjoyable opportunity for me. It is important that I give my students the foundation for their future success and with the novice student I can do so without having to overcome previous bias.

   This year I had an outstanding chance to teach a beginner class of military students at NCSU. They were taking this course as a part of military training rather than a part of their major. As none of these students were previously trained in foreign languages I had to find creative ways of explaining the complicated Russian grammar in the most simple and fun way. I enjoyed the challenge of working with the class and the progress my students made over the six week course was very rewarding. All my students had a very successful OPI test and I received many letters and emails of thanks from the students.


One of the stories I will be happy to share:

    " I went into my Russian course without an aptitude for languages. I wanted to complete the course to help me with my Army career. I wasn’t sure what I would be capable of, but through Lia’s class I was able to quickly pick up the ability to converse in Russian and read the language. Over the course of six weeks Lia used several different techniques in the class room that combined to make me a better speaker and a better reader. Throughout the course I was also able to understand other speakers better, even when the pace of the conversation increased. Lia’s style was flexible depending on the person. There were three cadets enrolled in the course and we were each slightly different in how we learned the language, but Lia was able to adapt how she taught the material to each person. Sometimes we would struggle on a particular topic and Lia was able to recognize our struggle and adjust to help us learn the material. I am thankful for her teaching because it has helped me increase my confidence in learning a foreign language and has set me apart because of the new skill that I have.


Parker Manning

American Student in Project Global Officers- Russian Summer 2015   "   



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